Check out our collection wooden benches. Suitable for home, kitchen and garden. Take a pick from our antique or new collection. Our benches can be supplied in any color of your choice. Please contact us for more information.

17397 Wooden Chest Bench Gründerzeit Grey 1,40 m

Stylish restored wooden chest bench, made of solid pine (waxed). Shabby chic optic. The chest bench ..

17395 Chest Bench Gründerzeit 1880 Grey 2,07 m

Wooden chest bench in shabby chic look. Made of solid pine. Large storage compartment below the fold..

17374E Wooden Chest Bench Gründerzeit 1880 Beer color 2.25 m

Original chest bench. Made of solid pine in beer color. The chest bench is in a good condition ..

11363 Bench 2,07 m

Stylish restored bench in the early days style. Precious rustic piece of soft wood in schabby chic l..

9577 Wooden bench Classic Modern 1920 Gray 1.98 m

Stylish chest of the classical modernism from about 1920. Noble-rustic restoration of solid pine. Th..

9572 Wooden bench Classic Modern 1930 Old white 1.87 m

Stylish classical modernism bench from ca. 1930. Noble-rustic restored piece of solid pine. The ches..

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