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Grandfather Clock Diamantini & Domeniconi 2,00 m - 18044E

Grandfather clock, manufactured by Diamantini & Domeniconi. Made of solid wood. The clock is mad..

Westminster Grandfather Clock Oak - 17957

Original grandfather clock, made of solid oak. Equipped with Westminster quarter chime, calender &am..

Grandfather Clock Oak Westminster - 17956E

Original standing clock. Made of solid oak. Westminster quarter chime. The approx. 60 years old cloc..

Grandfather Clock Oak Westminster - 17955

Original Westminster grandfather clock. Made of solid oak. Equipped with quarter chime. The approx. ..

Boulle Table Clock 1950 - 17883

Original boulle. From approx. 1950. The boulle is made of veneered mahogany and is in a good conditi..

Clock with vases Renaissance 1850 - 17664

Well functioning clock with pair of vazes. Renaissance style from approx. 1850. The set is made of b..

17455E Grandfathers clock Gründerzeit 1880

Original grandfathers clock made of solid walnut. Gründerzeit from approx. 1880. The clock, which is..

 17446 Boulle Clock Classicism 1800

Orginial standing Boulle clock. Classicism from approx. 1800. The clock is made of brass and laton c..

17442 Victorian Table Clock by Webster London

Original standing table clock in mahogany veneer from approx. 1870. The clock is equipped with brass..

 17441 French Pendule Classicism 1850

Original French pendule from approx. 1850. Inscription: Montpellier. The fire-gilt clock is in a goo..

17440 Wall Clock Gründerzeit style

Approx. 40 years old wall clock in Grunderzeit style. The decorated clock is made of veneerd walnut...

17282 Grandfather Clock Amsterdam 1760

Original standing Amsterdam clock from approx 1760. The clock is provided with a calendar (day, wee..

17281 Grandfather Clock Amsterdam 1715-1750

Original antique grandfather clock. Made in Amsterdam, between approx. 1715-1750. The clock is provi..

17253 Grandfather Clock Amsterdam 1750

Original standing  grandfather clock (Amsterdam). Walnut veneer and polished shellac from appro..

17214E Friesian Tail Clock

Frisian wall clock, approx 25 years old. Made of solid mahogany. With nostalgic prints and month cal..

17014E Friesian Clock

Frisian wall clock, well functioning. Made of solid mahogany, decorated with 3 angels made of bronze..

17012E Grandfather clock Jugendstil 1910

Original and functional grandfather clock. Made of solid oak. Jugendstil, approx. 1910. The clock wi..

17011 Grandfather clock Jugendstil 1920

Original and functional grandfather clock. Made of solid oak. Jugendstil, approx. 1920. The clock wi..

17005E Grandfather clock Warmink Westminster

Original and functional 30 years old grandfather clock. Made of solid walnut with bronze decorations..

17004E Grandfather clock Gustav Becker Gründerzeit 1880

Original and functional grandfather clock. Grunderzeit, from approx. 1880. Made of solid oak. The cl..

17003E Grandfather clock Gründerzeit 1880

Restored and well functioning grandfather clock. Made of solid oak, Gründerzeit from approx. 1880. T..

16557 Grandfather Clock Amsterdam Pieter Bramer

Original standing clock signed by Pieter Bramer. The walnut veneered clock is in good condition and ..

16212 Table Clock Gründerzeit 1880

Original table clock in a solid wood case from approx. 1880. The functional clock is in good conditi..

16211 Table Clock Gründerzeit 1880

Original table clock in a solid walnut case from approx. 1880. The working clock is in good conditio..

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