Check out our collection oak vertikos here. These cabinets are quipped with one or more drawers on the top and one or more doors below. On the inside you there is plenty of storage space because of the shelves. Check the collections softwood and shellac polished as well.

Vertiko Top Gründerzeit 1880 Oak - 17573E

Restored vertiko made ​​of solid oak in polished shellac. Gründerzeit from approx. 1880. The vertiko..

16136 Vertiko Gründerzeit Walnut 1880

Restored Gründerzeit vertiko In walnut veneer on solid oak and shellac polished from about 1880..

16001E Vertiko Gründerzeit Oak 1880

Restored Gründerzeit vertiko made of solid oak from about 1880. The vertiko is in a good condition w..

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